TachoWeb annual review 2021

TachoWeb annual review 2021

In 2021, we celebrated a milestone in our company’s development: For 15 years, our web platform has accompanied transport and logistics companies in their everyday business and supported them in the optimisation and digital control of transport processes.

Such a long-standing positioning on the market is based on continuous updates and further developments on the pulse of time. In the past year, we have improved TachoWeb and introduced new functions to provide you with a powerful instrument.

We summarised the most important innovations in 2021 for you here. 

Legally compliant on the road with TachoWeb

Adhering to the driving and rest times regulations and other legal requirements in commercial transport plays a decisive role in day-to-day business. Therefore, it is essential to stay up-to-date, for example, with regard to innovations in the course of the EU mobility package.

For us at DAKO, it goes without saying that we always keep the legal regulations in TachoWeb up-to-date. In the past year, we have also made some adjustments and improvements to help you manage your fleet in compliance with the law.

Update of the social infringement evaluation section –
more transparent, more customised, more compliant

A major project was the fundamental revision of the social infringement evaluation section. Many developments took place in the background and are not directly visible to the user but lead to more transparency and a better overview and handling

The changes at a glance

Optimisation of the overview and details page
Basic settings in a central position
Improvement of risk assessment
Optimisation of the overview and details page

More law categories – On the overview page, users now get a more detailed breakdown by law so that the distribution of infringements and fines according to the different regulations is apparent at a glance. You can decide which breakdown should be displayed.

You will find the following laws in the display:

  • Regulation (EC) 561/2006 (driving times and rest periods)
  • Infringements due to possible incorrect operation of the tachograph (Regulation (EC) 561/2006)
  • Working Time Act
  • Regulation (EU) 165/2014 (tachograph)

New filter options – The table can now also be filtered according to even more criteria. We have added the filters driving time, number of infringements, amount of fines, as well as fines and infringements divided by laws. The infringement severity is now classified following the official EU terms. We have also optimised the details page in terms of design and clarity.

Basic settings in one place

Central settings for social infringements – We have created a new central location for the settings of the social infringement evaluation. This allows you to make all settings in one place. You can find the basic settings in TachoWeb under Management > Overview > Basic settings in a separate tab. Here, for example, you can set individual analyses for coaches as well as evaluation options according to working time or indications of missing vehicle pre-checks.

Improvement of risk assessment

Addition of details – The risk assessment has been extended to include the infringements from the Working Hours Act as well as the infringement “Missing manual supplement” from Regulation EU No. 165/2014. This makes the analysis even more accurate and reflects reality more comprehensively.

Access social infringements directly from geostatistics

Identify risky routes – For users who use TachoWeb with GPS data, geostatistics is also a valuable tool for social infringement evaluation. Here, routes and locations can be found where social infringements frequently occur, which can then be considered in future tour planning.

Link to evaluation – Thanks to a new function, users can now also call up the details of the social infringements that have occurred directly from the geostatistics map. The links at infringement type or infringement severity redirect to the social infringement evaluation, and you can view details that allow a more accurate assessment of the situation.

Optimisation of the Dispo times page – Better overview and more content

A summary of the changes

Better presentation in the table through individual showing/hiding and sorting columns
Separation of driving and working time with breakdown by daily driving time (available/worked) and daily working time (available/worked)
More information in the display: Next daily rest time and subsequent compensation in case of reduced weekly rest time
Automatic update of the page and the Dispo times after 3 minutes without the need for reloading
Separate columns for specific information (e.g. vehicle used, total mileage) introduced – for more overview in the timeline
Clear allocation of available and completed driving, working and rest times via the corresponding symbols in green (time left) or red (time exceeded)

More info – The live Dispo times also provide important up-to-date information for fleet operators. We have optimised and adapted the page for a better overview and faster provision of data. Companies now have more information at their disposal, e.g. the next daily rest period. 

Optimised display – In addition, driving time and working time are clearly separated in the display. In the new table display, users have more options for sorting, filtering and customising so that the information they need is quickly available. 

With the new page on Dispo times, TachoWeb users get the most critical information at a glance and, at the same time, can better evaluate the information provided through more details.

Driver qualification card instead of code number 95 (Germany)

Since May 2021, the driver qualification card (DQC) has replaced the key number 95 in Germany. There is now a separate card for proof of qualification under the BKrFQG. In TachoWeb, fleet operators can easily document the new DQC card in the master data: Management > Master data > Employees > Driving licence

Driver qualification card (symbolic image)

Automatic interval change for deadline Tacho §57b

Another change in 2021, which we have taken up directly in the TachoWeb, was the interval adjustment for the tachograph inspection (per Tacho §57b according to StVZO). The interval is still two years, but the date should be kept to the day, not to the month’s end as before.

In TachoWeb, the “Tacho §57b” inspection dates have all been automatically set to the new interval in the deadline management, without users having to adjust anything themselves.

Mobile vehicle pre-check – digital and reliable

Legal obligation – Not only have transport companies to comply with driving and rest periods, but also with other regulations, such as the obligation to check vehicles for defects before departure. This may be a nuisance, but it contributes to the safety of the drivers as well as to the security as an entrepreneur, for example, concerning insurance coverage in case of accidents. 

Universal and legally compliant – In our App DAKO drive, the vehicle pre-check can now be carried out entirely digitally, including automatic transfer of the damage reports to the TachoWeb.

The advantages at a glance

Based on DGUV principle 314-002 (German statutory accident insurance – Control of vehicles by driving personnel)
All vehicle areas (lighting, chassis etc.) clearly arranged
Suitable for all vehicles
Adapted checklist according to vehicle type
Transfer of the vehicle type from the TachoWeb master data
Automatic transfer of reports to TachoWeb
Complete documentation, including photo

This way, the app can bring more clarity into the documentation with little effort, and paperwork is a thing of the past. The use of the vehicle pre-check can be managed in TachoWeb via the menu item Management > Overview > Basic settings in the “Settings for apps” tab.

All these improvements help you to manage your fleet in compliance with the law, saving time and money at the same time.

Plan tours and manage orders – powerful with TachoWeb

Dispatchers juggle many different orders, tours, vehicles and drivers every day. Here, the order management in TachoWeb offers digital support for a better overview and time savings through automated functions. We have also further developed this section for you in 2021.

Introduction of new order types for more precise processing

Better configuration – To make it even easier to assign orders, we have added the order types depot exit and entry. The order type also determines the handling process in the App DAKO drive, i.e. which tasks the driver has to perform at this stop. 

Automatic setting – For tours planned via the Smart Planner, the start and end order are automatically assigned the order type depot exit or depot entry, as the tours start and end at the depot.

Available order types:

  • Delivery order
  • Service order
  • Pick-up order
  • Depot exit
  • Depot entry

Detaching orders from planned tours

The function at a glance

New symbol for "detach" in the orders in a daily tour (daily tour overview)
Orders can only be detached if the tour status is "In planning" or "Released" and the order status is "Open
Decoupled orders are saved as unplanned single orders
Reaction to recent changes possible

Planning flexibility – Changes at short notice can immediately upset the best plan. To enable transport companies to react even more flexibly, we have created the option of detaching orders from an already planned tour. These then reappear as unplanned individual orders and can be rescheduled.

The Smart Planner can solve larger instances more quickly

Have it planned – With the automatic tour planning in TachoWeb, the Smart Planner, dispatchers can have many orders converted into suitable tours at once. Behind the automated system are complex algorithmic calculations that can take more time depending on the number of orders. Although this means that the computer is still faster than a human brain, we are constantly working on speeding up the calculation while maintaining good or even better results. 

Calculation improved – We succeeded in doing this in 2021. Through more targeted settings and optimisation of the routing algorithms, the Smart Planner can now handle more extensive tour plans than ever before. Compared to before: instead of 600 orders, up to 2000 orders can now be combined into suitable tours in one hour. Thus, we have increased the tool’s performance by more than two times.

Optimierung Smart Planner

Continuous optimisation for our customers

Efficient performance – These are the most important innovations we brought to our platform for you in 2021. In addition, there were, of course, many other improvements and revisions, such as the optimisation of loading times in tracking. We are working every day to be the best possible companion for you in your daily business and look forward to another year full of developments with hopefully more personal encounters.