Responsible advice that puts your interests first is the key to long-lasting customer relationships. We allow ourselves to be judged on the quality of our advice and are happy to receive honest feedback.

International Sales

Kontaktfoto Christian Weiß
Head of Sales International

Christian Weiss

    Customer Service

    Kontaktfoto Roland Merkel

    Department Head Service & Support

    Roland Merkel

      Partner Management

      Kontaktfoto Alexander Rahtjen
      Team Lead Partner Management

      Alexander Rahtjen

        Head office

        Kontaktfoto Svenja Raaf

        Front desk

        Svenja Raaf

          Kontaktfoto Enrico Neumann


          Enrico Neumann

            Kotaktfoto Jessica Wolf


            Jessica Wolf

              Human Resources & Communications

              A successful company is characterised by good communication.
              For us it is particularly important that communication works internally as well as externally.

              Contact 1

              Head of Marketing / Media contact

              Franziska Eger

                Kontaktfoto Tina Gersuni

                Media contact

                Tina Gersuni

                  Kontaktfoto Denise Lamont

                  Head of Human Resources Development

                  Denise Lamont

                    Kontaktfoto Ann-Christin Gerdes


                    Ann-Christin Gerdes


                      Management Assistance

                      A successful company distinguishes itself through an innovative management style. 
                      We are determined to meet this challenge.

                      Kontaktfoto Thomas Becker

                      Chief Executive Officer

                      Thomas Becker

                        Kontaktfoto Martin Dittmar

                        Chief Financial Officer

                        Martin Dittmar

                          Foto Ilka Scheibe

                          Management Assistant

                          Ilka Scheibe