Hosting service for company tachograph cards
Increase the functionality of your platforms with little effort and without risk.
  • Hosting of the company tachograph cards in the XXL-Card Hotel
  • Authentication of the company tachograph cards on schedule
  • Automatic download of the .ddd data on schedule
  • Legally compliant signing and transmission of data

Increase the functionality of your platforms with little effort and without risk. DAKO’s Tacho Remote Download provides you with the signed data of your customers’ tachographs and driver cards. If you integrate them into your solution, you create a high added value for your users.

Expertise in handling company digital tachograph cards

As a pioneer, DAKO developed the download technology for the digital tachograph as early as 2010, setting all standards. Benefit from our experience and perfectly coordinated IT structure.

We are the leading provider on the market, hosting company digital tachograph cards, coordinating authentication with the tachograph, carrying out remote downloads and providing signed data. Numerous telematics providers and OEMs are happy with DAKO and have been using our service for their customers for years.

Advantages of the Card Hotel Hosting

  • Expanding your services and upgrading your product portfolio
  • Low development effort
  • No maintenance effort
  • Very high accessibility
  • As an experienced service provider, we cover all tachograph models
  • Competent, in-house customer service for the optimal support of our solution

The Card Hotel Hosting service at a glance

Your IT and product structure are the result of years of experience. That is why we would like to design the integration process as individually as possible for you. The sequence of steps listed here is an example of the process of integrating your customers.

  1. Registration and assignment of the company digital tachograph card in your platform and our data centre

  2. Sending the company digital tachograph card and inserting it in our card hotels

  3. Authentication of the .ddd data and optionally

To enable you to offer your customers a service “under one roof”, we attach great importance to discretion when providing our services. Of course, we can adapt the processes individually for you. For this purpose, we recommend that you arrange a consultation with us.

Consulting at first hand

Alexander Rahtjen

Head of Sales – Partner & Executive Management

Tel. +49 3641 22778 593

    Whitelabel, microservices, smart data und much more

    As an experienced provider in the field of driving and rest times, telematics and transport management, we strengthen the industry with valuable data in real-time or our complete system under your brand. As we offer a wide range of functions and services that you can use for your solution, we recommend that you arrange a consultation with us.

    Service example

    Microservice remaining driving time

    Based on your live data and signed tachograph data, we calculate the remaining driving times according to the current state of legislation. In doing so, we analyse live:
    • Directive (EG) 561/2006,
    • Working Hours Act and
    • FPersV local traffic off.
    The result of the analysis is available for you and your customers through your solution’s interface. Alternatively, we integrate the data into your individually designed DAKO Portal. For more information, please refer to the Service Whitelabel DAKO Fleet. Your customers can reliably observe driving and rest times and thus reduce the risk of infringements.

    Service example

    Whitelabel of DAKO Fleet

    Offer our telematics platform DAKO Fleet under your label and inspire customers with a wide range of intelligent tools without which they would never want to work again.
    • Full overview of social infringements and development of fines
    • Vehicle location and route optimisation
    • Driving and rest times also live
    • Digital driving licence verification
    • Automatic calculation of expenses and much more
    You determine the exact scope of services.

    Together, we offer the logistics and transport industry solutions that help them move forward. Our most important goal is to make the industry legally compliant, more economical and more ecological – join us!


    From Mon-Fri 08.00 to 17.00 you can also reach us by phone under:

    +49 3641 22778 500