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The Telematics Solution for Transport and Fleet Managers

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DAKO presents the prototype of DAKO Fleet at the IAA Transportation 2022. The modular telematics platform will be the first component on the way to an integrated end-to-end solution for transport and logistics services. In the product vision and its first component, which will be launched in 2023, DAKO focuses more on the different task areas and roles in transport and logistics companies.

DAKO Fleet puts transport managers at the centre, and fleet managers also benefit from the solution. For the latter, the product is to be further expanded in the future in order to create a tool for this group that is just as comprehensive as for transport managers. Find out on this page what DAKO Fleet is all about.

DAKO Fleet in essence

DAKO Fleet offers transport and fleet managers a digital solution — from driving times to tracking to mobile vehicle pre-check. This allows you to efficiently handle all the necessary routine tasks of your day-to-day business operations while meeting your legal obligations at the same time. In conjunction with the app DAKO drive the platform gives you an overview of your fleet and drivers, creating more time for important matters in your business.

Your benefits

For Transport Managers

Enhanced Legal Security
  • Quick overview and detailed evaluations of social infringements
  • Improved risk management through automatic fine calculation
  • Stay on top of transport manager liability through risk assessment based on infringements
  • Comprehensive reports for regular checks
  • Transparent, digital documentation of driving licence verification and vehicle pre-checks as well as through digital files for employee and vehicle documents
  • Automatic generation of driver instructions directly in the infringement overview
  • Legally compliant archiving of data following legal deadlines
  • Simple driver assessment through Tacho grade based on infringements with developing trend information

For Fleet managers

Decreased Workload in Day-to-day Operations
  • Manage maintenance appointments on time and without much effort, thanks to deadline management and automatic reminders
  • Read out tachograph and driver cards easily — manually or via remote download
  • Save time on routine tasks, e. g. with electronic driving licence verification, either via app or at the terminal
  • Keep vehicles on the screen constantly with GPS tracking, including vehicle protection via geozones
  • Keep an eye on vehicle damage with user-friendly mobile vehicle pre-checks
  • Easy document management for vehicles and drivers with digital files
  • Automatic and customisable expenses calculation incl. bonuses

For chief executive officers

Give yourself a head start
  • Intelligent tools relieve employees and create time for the essential
  • Over 40% savings potential in working time through automated functions for routine tasks
  • Cost savings through process optimisation and more efficiency
  • No additional costs for software installation – work portal can be used from any internet-enabled computer, with full data security.
  • Easy integration into any system landscape through interfaces
  • Comprehensive data basis for economic evaluations and potential analysis
  • Competitive advantage thanks to end-to-end digitalisation
  • DAKO is a stable partner with whom your business can grow into the future

Modular — For More Flexibility

With DAKO Fleet, we offer different software modules, which can be combined to suit your needs. We are already preparing the future modularity of the products in the billing structure for a smooth transition.

Starting from two basic modules (for employees and vehicles), you can put together your product as you need.

Kurzübersicht der wichtigsten Module in DAKO Fleet

Basic Module Employee

The entry point for your employee management

Expansion module driver

The added bonus for legally compliant management of driver card data

Basic module vehicle

The entry point for your vehicle management

Expansion Module Tachograph

The added bonus for legally compliant management of your tachograph data

Expansion Module FMS

The added bonus for insights into your fleet performance

Add-on Module Tracking

The additional feature for tracking your resources

Add-on Module Mobile Order Processing

The additional feature for the fulfilment of your orders

Add-on Module Digital File

The additional feature for the management of your company’s documents

Hardware and Interfaces

We place a high value on compatible and easily integrable solutions with
secure data exchange. To ensure that DAKO Fleet fits seamlessly into your system landscape, we offer numerous interfaces, for example to:

  • the systems of the largest OEMs such as Fleetboard, Scania and Volvo
  • navigation experts and other telematics providers such as Webfleet and Astrata
  • freight forwarding software, freight exchanges, logistics software and many more

We are also happy to advise you on suitable hardware. Whether remote download, simple manual readout or tracking for mixed fleets – we have the right solution for you. Talk to our team!

Features from A–Z

Depending on the source (e. g. app, tachograph etc.), DAKO Fleet displays working times in a clear overview. Your employees can document status information such as work, standby, break etc., in the app DAKO drive. The telematics box automatically transfers the activities logged on the tachograph when using live data.

With data archiving in DAKO Fleet, you automatically comply with legally prescribed deadlines. The data is securely stored on the DAKO server and saved according to legal requirements.

DAKO Fleet makes the exchange between fleet management, head office and drivers simple and understandable, even for drivers without knowledge of English. The navigation system or app sends messages and orders to drivers directly. Automatic translation in 9 languages helps to avoid misunderstandings. The message history can be tracked at any time via DAKO Fleet for comprehensive documentation.

DAKO Fleet has interfaces to numerous systems, such as OEM systems, telematics providers, freight forwarding software, ERP and TMS. Seamless data transfer means
information reaches the right places at all of the critical points in the supply chain.

The data stored from the driver card and tachograph help to automatically calculate T&E expenses for your employees. You can either use pre-set expense rates for different countries or set individual rates. With GPS data, the categorisation by country is fully automatic. It is also easy to add special rates for night or weekend work.

The deadline management shows all deadlines of your company, employees, vehicles and trailers. You can for instance create deadlines for emission tests, main inspections, or expiry of driving licences including inspection intervals. If you set up deadline reminders, you will automatically receive a message when deadlines are about to be exceeded.

With DAKO Fleet, you can manage all documents related to employees and vehicles in digital files. Simply scan and upload documents like driving licences, vehicle registration, etc., so any authorised person can manage and access the documents they need, regardless of their location. Thanks to the certified DAKO data centre, even your most sensitive documents are secure. As an extension, the management of company-wide records is also possible.

Using driver card data, DAKO Fleet assigns an individual rating to each driver. This so-called Tacho grade includes the number and severity of any social infringements and the number of driving hours. This enables you to identify developing trends and act accordingly, e. g., with extra training or bonuses for outstanding ratings.

With DAKO Fleet, you can fulfil your legal obligation to check driving licences in no time at all, regularly. Whether via the DAKO TachoStation or the DAKO drive app, drivers simply hold their RFID-tagged driving licences up to the stationary device or smartphone when required to provide proof. Fleet managers can set up automatic reminders for themselves and drivers to prevent non-compliance.

By using FMS data on driving behaviour such as sharp braking, the ratio of cruise control to regular driving, etc., DAKO Fleet evaluates how fuel-efficient and resource-saving your drivers are on the road. With training, you can intervene in a targeted way to reduce
wear and tear, costs and CO2.

Using tour data via interface, we obtain reliable information on the current status of individual tours and forecast the exact arrival time of your driver. This enables you to identify impending delays early and act proactively to inform your clients and consignees.

We provide you with the current mileage rates, tank contents of your fleet as well as an analysis of the driving styles of your drivers. This enables permanent and process-related monitoring of essential cost factors of the fleet as well as their development.

With the security measure of geozones, you minimise the risk of becoming a victim of theft or unauthorised use. If a vehicle leaves the individually assigned area without permission, you will immediately be alerted and can take action. Similarly, geozones can be used to obtain information about arrivals to destination addresses or departures from locations.

By tracking your vehicles, you can stay informed about where your vehicles are at any given moment. In addition to seeing the current location, daily/total kilometres and speed, DAKO Fleet accurately displays the tachograph activity on a map. The GPS signals are transmitted at least every 60 seconds. Vehicles with OBD-II interface can be tracked just like trucks. Thus, you can also keep an eye on your mixed fleet if required.

With DAKO Fleet, you can monitor your entire fleet concerning social infringements and violations of rest time regulations with just one click and generate driver instructions if required. You can estimate potential fines by using the automatic calculation function. For the evaluation, we consider the current EU regulations on driving and rest times, modified regulations for bus companies and the Working Hours Act.

Live times give you a constant overview of the current operating times of your drivers, such as the daily driving time still available. This allows you to plan better and recognise and counteract impending breaches at an early stage. You can immediately see which driver is available as a substitute in emergencies. The prerequisite for this is a telematics box installed in the vehicle.

The master data is the heart of your DAKO Fleet account. Here, you record all data on employees and vehicles, such as driver card number, contact, chassis numbers, etc. This area forms the basis for the digital management of your fleet.

The installation supports the identification of imminent minimum wage shortfalls. DAKO Fleet calculates the minimum wage entitlement based on the number of hours logged. Compared with the actual monthly wage paid, this can provide insights for further necessary checks.

Reminders for important deadlines can be set up in the deadline management. You and/or the relevant staff will receive these via e-mail or SMS, as desired.

Via the app DAKO drive, your drivers can provide proof of delivery by photo and signature. This confirmation is automatically transferred to DAKO Fleet, enabling you, if required, to prove that the goods were delivered correctly.

It is easy to manually read out data from the tachograph and driver card and transfer it in-house or at one of the 444 public DAKO TachoStations throughout Europe. Encrypted transmission to DAKO Fleet and legally compliant archiving is carried out automatically.

Or, you could save time and resources for manual readouts and use the Tacho Remote Download. The driver card and tachograph data are automatically read out at the legal deadlines and transferred to the DAKO data centre.

DAKO Fleet provides you with comprehensive statistics and reports, live at any time at the touch of a button or as a regular report that you can have automatically sent to you according to your needs. This enables you to simply compile your analysis to your liking, e. g. working time reports or evaluations of driving and rest times.

DAKO Fleet archives all tours driven in the last few months. The access to GPS tracks from the past allows you to analyse repeatedly driven tours with regard to possible savings potential. The evaluation of deviations of the actually driven tour from the planned one, also as an exportable report, shows you where further optimisation potentials lie.

With the GeoStatistics, you receive a comprehensive tool for visually evaluating refuelling processes, driving time infringements and all routes driven. On our detailed map material, you can see at a glance when and where irregularities occur in refuelling behaviour, tour routing or driving times. You can define the analysis period according to your preferences.

Through our app DAKO drive, vehicle pre-checks can be carried out completely digitally — with a checklist to match vehicle type, photo documentation and automatic report upload to the DAKO Fleet web platform.


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