Further expansion in the Northern European market

Further expansion in the Northern European market

DAKO is expanding into the Swedish market with its software solution for transport companies. Joakim Skoglund supports our Swedish customers and partners from Stockholm. He also actively cultivates industry networks.

Transport has long been thought of, organized and controlled across borders. IT companies that develop products for the transport industry have to accept this challenge and design their products and services for use across Europe. With our digital transport management platform TachoWeb, we at DAKO are consistently pursuing this path. TachoWeb, for example, is capable of evaluating driving data across Europe in accordance with the respective country-specific legal rules. In most European countries, partners handle the distribution. For example, in its northern neighbour Denmark, DAKO has been represented by the local industry association “International Transport Danmark” (ITD) since 2016.

However, as direct local support is also becoming increasingly important, DAKO has taken another critical step to intensify its influence on the European market. By establishing our own sales organization for Sweden, we are positioning ourselves more strongly in the Scandinavian region and aim to expand our existing customer base.

The Swedish market offers excellent opportunities for us, as, on the one hand, there is a strong trend towards the digitalization of processes in all sectors of the economy, but on the other hand there are mainly isolated solutions for the transport industry there, each of which addresses only one aspect of modern logistics planning.

Further expansion in the Northern European market 1
Christian Weiß
Head of Sales DAKO GmbH

DAKO offers a holistic software solution that covers a much broader spectrum of fleet and transport management. It combines the reading and analysis of tachograph and driver card data and offers digital support in complying with legal requirements for the fleet. In addition, it provides comprehensive options for up-to-date telematics for monitoring vehicle data and route planning in real-time.

Sales manager Joakim Skoglund is responsible for market development in Sweden. Thanks to his many years of professional experience in the Swedish transport industry, he has a well-established local network. In addition, his specific knowledge of culture and market enables DAKO to optimally respond to the demands and needs of Swedish customers and partners. In the context of DAKO’s overall strategic orientation, the successful start in Sweden represents a milestone on the way to a more active presence in other European countries.