Digital Solutions – As multifaceted as our customers

Digital Solutions – As multifaceted as our customers

The transport and logistics industry is rapidly diversifying into individual sectors, each with its own unique requirements for transport mapping, effective management and documentation of its day-to-day operations. Despite these developments, the most pressing challenges facing companies in these sectors are very similar: rising transport volumes, a shortage of qualified personnel, and ever-increasing cost pressures.

With its digital platform solutions TachoWeb and hybriLOG, DAKO offers the right answers to the essential questions for increasing efficiency in areas of the modern transport industry. Regardless of the sector or the size of your company, DAKO’s innovatively compatible products make it easy to achieve legal compliance, effectively save time and material as well as personnel resources, helping you to increase your competitiveness enormously. 


Digital Solutions – As multifaceted as our customers 1

Creating real added value : Forward-thinking and customer-oriented

DAKO helps you to do what you need to do efficiently. We are assisting you to sustainably positioning yourself in a digital and competitive environment.

Digital Solutions – As multifaceted as our customers 2
Supporting transport and logistics processes digitally, from order to delivery

DAKO has supported transport and delivery companies with digital solutions since 2004, in order to organise their respective day-to-day operations in a legally compliant and time-saving manner. Inititally focusing on the digital extraction of tachograph data, we have since significantly expanded the performance and scope of our product range in these subsequent years. With the help of our in-house research and development department, along with the invaluable feedback from customers and partners in the field, we are well on the way to making value chains in the logistics sector more comprehensible and manageable. Incredible synergy happens when our two solutions TachoWeb and hybriLOG are used in combination. We’ve summarised the essential advantages of our compatible software solutions for you below.

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hybriLOG: multifunctional product, carrier and order management

With the hybriLOG brand, DAKO offers tools for the digital control of essential parts of logisitcs services along the supply chain. This includes web-based support for sales and customer service (Sales module).

In the program, all parties involved in the logistics processes and operations can be controlled and coordinated via the web platform: from the digital capture or feed-in of freight / shipments, to their allocation to suitable carriers (from the company’s own fleet or those of suitable partners), to the documentation of delivery at the destination and any returns processes (Send module).  

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TachoWeb: Comply with regulation, manage your fleet and routes with just one click

TachoWeb stands for software that enables transport companies to automatically fulfill their obligation to provide proof of compliance with legal regulations, and to manage their fleet and the deployment of their personnel. This ensures optimised route planning.

Driver safety and statutory compliance can be effortlessly implemented on the road with TachoWeb. Customisable for individual requirements, additional features can be used via the platform, including telematics functions, driver’s licence control, schedule management or mobile dispatch control. This saves money and valuable time, freeing up your capacity for new ideas.