DAKO drive App

DAKO drive - the app for drivers

The drive app provides assistance for your drivers and brings transparency in the order processing. *

Transforming orders step by step into satisfied customers – with digital order processing in our free app:

  • Provides all important information about destinations, routes and tasks on site
  • Track & trace – vehicle position, tour status
  • Documentation of delivery
  • Display of driving and resting times
  • Driving licence check and TachoStation finder
  • Works also on navigation devices
DAKO drive App 1

    your benefits


    The apps transmits all important information about destinations, routes and tasks on site in the optimal order of stopps to your drivers. They can also keep an eye on their driving and resting times. The integrated visual documentation, bar code scanning and digital signatures provide a consistent order documentation for the fleet manager.


    DAKO drive can be customized to your individual requirements using sector-specific components. With further services like the automatic driving licence check and the TachoStation finder for all fleets with heavy commercial vehicles, DAKO drive becomes a valuable time saver.

    Always up-to-date

    Drivers as well as dispatchers can keep track of remaining driving times with live data and thus, are able to plan better. All position data, tour status and completed orders can be tracked live by the fleet manager.


    Drivers can give written feedback if and why tour stops can’t be done in time directly in the app. All order changes can be exchanged between dispatcher and driver quickly and directly via the app. Thus, no information is lost and a transparent communication in real-time becomes possible.

    DAKO drive App 3

    Available in German and English for Android.

    You can find more details in the Google Playstore.

    * The range of features depends on the booked TachoWeb tariff.