Comprehensive innovations – DAKO at the IAA Transportation 2022

Comprehensive innovations – DAKO at the IAA Transportation 2022

DAKO presents digital ways out of the crisis in the transport industry at the trade fair. A new product concept builds on the vision of an entirely digitally networked transport industry. Thus, with DAKO Fleet, we are presenting the first component of this portfolio.

For many haulage companies, vehicle manufacturers and other players in the transport and logistics industry, the joy that the IAA can take place again in its usual form is mixed with the knowledge of the current crisis phenomena weighing heavily on this sector of the economy. Our CEO, Thomas Becker, is aware of this mixed mood ahead of the show. Rising prices for fuel and other operating materials, supply bottlenecks for materials and vehicles, as well as the acute shortage of personnel, make it increasingly difficult to operate profitably. With its trade fair presentation, DAKO also intends to react appropriately to this: “It is part of DAKO’s self-image that we always see problems in the organisation of transport processes and challenges that arise from current problem situations on the market as opportunities. There is often potential for optimisation in everyday routines, which companies should actively address now.”

DAKO Fleet – the telematics solution for transport managers and fleet managers

In the medium term, DAKO wants to realise this via a modular platform solution called DAKO Suite, which can digitally map all transport service processes through its seamless interlinking – from the sale of the product to delivery. Regardless of whether, for example, general cargo or parcels are being transported, all necessary information will be clearly prepared, displayed in a standardised way for the respective user in the supply chain and seamlessly documented.

The realisation of this vision is proceeding step by step and accompanied by intensive research work as well as extensive tests in the daily business of DAKO customers and partners. As a first milestone on the way to this end-to-end solution, DAKO presents at this year’s IAA with the product component DAKO Fleet a telematics solution for transport managers and fleet managers. Beyond the pure capturing and archiving of driving times, vehicle and driver data, the advantage of DAKO Fleet lies precisely in “refining” this data in terms of the business model and the demands of the respective customer. With this processed and networked data, a variety of added values can be created for the daily routine tasks of fleet managers, traffic managers and drivers.

For example, a detailed evaluation of social infringements, an automatic calculation of fines, a risk assessment and reports, electronic driver’s licence checks, as well as the automated creation of driver instructions effortlessly ensure that the transport manager acts in accordance with the law. The digitalisation of appointment management, check of vehicle pre-checks, document management and calculation of expenses has an equally positive effect. Functions such as GPS tracking and geo-zones also make it possible to keep a constant eye on the fleet on the road and make theft more difficult.

Reduce costs and increase fleet performance

Time savings potentials of up to 40% are possible through such digitalisation and automation. Effective conservation of valuable resources and thus a considerable reduction of costs in day-to-day business can also be realised in this way. Thomas Becker sums up that DAKO Fleet enables transport companies, especially in the face of current challenges, to become aware of their own potential and to use it optimally based on digitally prepared data. “Those who drive more safely in their daily business and accelerate internal processes without paperwork will also gain a significant competitive advantage in the long run. I’m looking forward to talking about this in person with our customers and new contacts at the IAA.”